About Us

About The Woodlands Integrative Care Hospital

The Woodlands Integrative Care Hospital is located in The Woodlands, TX and is the state's first fully integrative care inpatient psychiatric hospital, serving Conroe, North Houston, and surrounding areas.

Our psychiatric hospital has a comprehensive treatment team to ensure the quality of care and utmost respect and dignity for our guests (clients). Our psych-social rehabilitation model looks at mental health as a single factor in a person's overall wellness. Medical and social factors are looked at in addition to mental illness diagnosis and treatment.

A variety of inpatient mental health programs, along with complimentary evening family education and support groups and continued follow up after discharge, result in overall improvement of the quality of life as well as fewer relapse and re-hospitalizations.

"We treat whole people – not just illness."

In addition to assessing, diagnosing and treating mental illness, behavioral health issues, emotional issues or other mental health challenges, we provide holistic medical and psychiatric care specifically addressing the social determinants which must be addressed in psychiatric rehabilitation. Our focus is on wellness, holistic care and the development of coping skills required for successful community living. It is truly individual and respects our guest’s (patient) rights to participate and direct their own care.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of The Woodlands Integrative Care Hospital to provide individualized holistic mental health services delivered through compassionate and qualified mental health professionals, within a comfortable and safe inpatient environment, to ensure that each of our guests receives the highest level of psychiatric care and optimal outcome.

At The Woodlands Integrative Care Hospital accomplishes this mission by providing the most comprehensive whole body mental health services available.

  • Total integration of mental and physical health
  • Strengths-based
  • Interagency collaboration
  • Social and personal competency
  • Engagement approach
  • Peer support
  • Extended follow-up

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