Inpatient Psychiatric Services

Inpatient Psychiatric Services

Inpatient Psychiatric Services

Inpatient psychiatric services allow for space where a guest (patient) can focus on their mental health and life goals while being consulted with and observed for an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. Inpatient psychiatric services also can provide safety as vital signs are monitored as medications are adjusted or stabilized, or in the case where symptoms temporarily worsen.
The Woodland Integrative Care Hospital offers 18 beds for inpatient psychiatric services from as little as 23 hours, to as long as one week of care. Our focus is wellness, holistic care and the development of coping skills required for successful community living.

What to Pack
We consider our clients to be guests, and as our guest, you or your loved one can expect to be treated with kindness, respect, and dignity. Unlike traditional inpatient psychiatric hospitals, The Woodlands Integrative Care Hospital respects your right to participate and even direct your own care.

On arrival, our guests are invited to sit down in a warm, home-like environment. Our initial assessment is strengths-focused – instead of asking about diagnosis and medication, we want to learn who our guest is and what is really going on in their home and community.

Our rooms are clean and comfortable with lots of windows. While we are an inpatient psychiatric hospital and therefore have to maintain certain clinical standards, we also want you to feel comfortable and at home during your stay. Feel free to bring a picture, a special blanket or pillow.

During your stay, you can expect to see the psychiatrist every day. In the meantime, you are in the driver’s seat of your recovery. We staff peer support specialists, counselors, nurses and others, who will conduct workshops, education, etc. based on your unique goals for recovery.

We begin the discharge process the moment you check in, to find resources in your community so that when you leave you to have additional support. Our extended discharge program includes some case management aspects, as we look into any social determinants which may precipitate a crisis or setback.

At The Woodlands Integrative Care Hospital, our relationship with our guest does not end when they leave our inpatient psychiatric care. We value having an ongoing relationship because we understand that mental health is a journey and that any good wellness plan will need changes as individual circumstances warrant.

“Y’all were absolutely amazing and what all of you are doing for people who are struggling is just hands down the best thing ever…. I’m so thankful I got to experience going there and finally got the help I needed. I felt like I was surrounded by family up there, everyone was so nice and caring. Y’all are truly heroes.”

Find out what our guests have had to say about the inpatient psychiatric care they received.

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